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As a child i was a bedwetter right up to highschool grade 8/9 it was always said that it was because i was a lazy girl, i used to feel so ashamed of myself and never had any "friends" sleep over or be in my room at my house either i was the youngest of seven children all up this was my dads second relationship he had a daughter with someone else, i was always being picked on as a child and often hid frightened i was not a pretty girl in fact i got called ugly frequently growing up i was not curvy or womanly looking either i had and still have no figure at all im flat chested and have often been mistaken for a male even with long hair but i have had several guys hit on me and call me beautiful which of course i never believed, when i finally did have a boyfriend we only kissed for a long time thats all we did was kiss and cuddle and talk alot about all sorts of things. One night his dad got me alone and touched me between my legs he moved so fast i did not know what was happening he told me he has been watching us kissing and how it made his dick hard he said he wanted to make me scream he was saying this to me while trying to get my pants down and touch me inside my vagina he said he needed to get me all wet down there first and how bad he wanted to ejaculate inside of me and that then he would own me and i would be his forever. I remember i froze i stood ridged to afraid to move or say something anything to cry out or kick him or anything. He managed to get his fingers inside and he was caressing my back when his wife walked in and started yelling at him to stop thats when my boyfriend (their son) came running and i was quite hysterical i could not speak i just ran out of there and never looked back, ive told no one of this and i dont plan to and i avoided the whole family since. To this day it takes me a very long time to be aroused it takes a long time for me to let go and be able to allow and accept being touched and as for reaching climax that is rare for me.