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my wife went through severe post Partum depression and ended up with an addiction during that time she was sleeping around. I hope that when those guys brag about sleeping with my wife that their friends remind them it’s not cool while I was stuck at home raising two kids under 2 , I wanna lose it but I go to jail and then my kids have a shit shot at life , Just trying to heal and move on but I obsess about it . I feel so played

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This went on for quite some time , can they even begin to comprehend the pain they’ve caused to me and my children , sometimes I wish I never fell in love ,

never had to carry this pain for my children’s sake , I’ve lived through hell and I’ve come out burned I just can’t let it go , I wish the other men would die fucking cowards

dude, instead of wishing bad for others( though that is quite justfiable but still,)u could have stood by your wife and helped her in hat depression. U could have helped her get through it by being supportive and taking her to a good doctor for treating her depression. It is a serious illness, and if not treated it can take her life. Its like any other disease, like cancer, if not treated it kills a person. So please try to understand ur wife, she was going through an illness. and please try to forgive her.

Gossipy fuckboys are a bunch of toxic dicks. Fuck what they talk about. Fuck their opinion. And if they do gossip specifically about you, fuck them for gossiping, instead expressing a minimum of decency both for a fellow man, but also for your wife, who was clearly distressed.

Oh man. I'm gonna get crucified for this, but perhaps in your case having an affair could sooth your wounded pride, prevent you from going mental, and perhaps curb your bitter obsessions. Nothing like guilt to make you behave yourself.

I don't know how good your marriage is right now, but it sounds like your heart's not in it, and the bitterness of feeling betrayed can make your soul rot, unless resolved. If you decide to have a one night stand or a full blown affair, or even flirt with someone online, don't make the mistakes she did. Keep it secret, and make sure the other person is discrete as well.

A more reasonable course of action would be to move far away, but i don't know how feasible that is at the moment.