need and my love

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I want to tell him so bad....I Love him and he's everything I need.

I just wonder if my feelings, by looking in my eyes and behind my smile, can he really see?

They say time reveals true's not cliche because it pertains to Us.

I never would have thought I would Love him this much.

I want to be his wife, I want to be by his side.

I want to grow old with him until the day I die.

I want to be his peace after a long day.

I want to be the reason he finally feels that commitment is ok.

I know hes been hurt before....and...

I want to be the reason he chooses to trust Love more.

I could never be with another.

Baby, I love you. How much longer can we hide this from each other?

D, we've had our share of what's out there and it's evident, me and you always come way or another. Let's take a chance on Love.