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I’m 21,I have never been in a relationship in my life at all nothing interesting is happening in my life after the COVID-19 pandemic started and I’m a virgin, I am so tiered of being so lonely it really hurts me, tried to get involved with someone but they preferred my CO-Worker over me, the second one was a friend but they preferred a guy who lived almost 40-60 miles away and they drove to them, the other girl just straight up told me I was broke, so I just stopped trying I’m just numb to the pain and I’m really tiered of getting trashed when I know I deserve way more better, been just waiting sometimes I think I just lost hope Every time I meet someone I’m so so scared of getting my heart and meself trashed again it’s not a wonderful feeling, I’m just super sad, I don’t talk to nobody, I don’t interact with people and the fear