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Veena ki vaani

Insecurities break you, make you shallow and by the time you realise it's already too late. I say this because as a woman, I have a lot of them. Insecurities about the way I look, talk, smile, the way I exist! I always find something that just isn't right about me, something that makes me less a woman than I am. It makes me worry about bizzare things, like do I sneeze too loud? Do I walk very fast? Even about the odor of my sweat! I know there are many of us who think the same way and shove it all deep down with something even more bizzare. But sometimes, there's a guy who changes things, who appreciates you, who doesn't make you feel that way. It lightens your heart, let's you feel real. You feel so good that you don't see the guy for who he is, but as someone who can fill that shallowness inside of you.

And when you realise this, you realise that it was all only because he appreciated you the first time around! Is that so hard? To feel appreciated? To accept yourself? Well it might seem so but it's not really.

Just be you. Before it's too late!