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TW// Im so tired, everyday i get more and more depressed and all i can do is think about shit. I want to selfharm so fucking bad but i feel weak and pathetic. My mom makes me feel like shit and talks shit about what i eat, i cant eat much anymore without feeling physically and emotionally sick. I just want all this to end but dont at the same time i need everything to stop for a bit but i cant control that, im so fucking desperate just for everything to stop for a while. I wish i could just do it but im too much of a fucking pussy. She keeps holding up the fact im lgbt over my head and when i went back on the fact im trans (i am a transman FTM but i uncame out) she fucking yelled at me and said some dumb shit like "Im going to be fucking pissed if i find out from the doctors rather than my own daughter...... do you want to be a boy?" or shit like when she says she'll kick me out as soon as i turn 18 and ill respond and say i wont be around anyway im gonna move out she says "where would you even fucking go im all you have"