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my stepdad is extremely mentally abusive and a drug dealer and no one in the house likes him except for the toddlers because they don't truly understand the situation and right now we are being forced to move and this is our one chance to get out of the situation because my mom is gonna buy the house we are going to move to and she said she wants to bring him with us. I honestly don't get it anymore, it's like she doesn't even care about us but the fact that they are "good right now" and "it's getting better". it really isn't he just sees that you're seeing what's going on and starting to leave him and is gonna clean up his act right now so that you can fall for it again. this has happened every single time we move and I'm sick and tired of it. they get into screaming matches and he threatens to take her kids away from her and breaks everything and acts like nothing ever happened and it pisses me off. my mom is finally getting to be where she wants to be and shes dragging him along with her and he doesn't even have a job and isn't bringing anything to the family and she is talking about getting a 5 bedroom so that he can have his own room and she is saying that he can only come if he gets a job but she is the one doing his resume and filling out applications for him and the worst part is because he's been a heavy drinker and smoker since he was 14 he guilt trips her by saying that "he feels like he's dying" and that "he isn't gonna make it passed this year and he wants to spend it with his kids" but then talks about how our family is manipulating her and they use her when he hasn't paid a single bill in this house and just sits on the couch and sleeps. he constantly talks about how the vaccine is going to kill us and that we aren't going to get it and is keeping us from our family. if he moves in with us I'm not going because I am sick and tired of being the therapist for my mom when she puts herself in the situation and at this point it's either me or him. I don't care if that's a hard decision to make or it's a lot to put on someone, I am not spending the last two years before I can turn 18 and move out in a situation that could have been fixed years ago. he can stay but I will not be there if he does.