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Im terrified of my future. I have no goals or something I’m passionate about or anything to fight for and look forward to. I feel stuck idk man I’m just feeling that way since 6 fucking years and I’m so tired and numb and done. I’m so done with this bullshit. Every single day is the same. I wake up, stay in bed, watch tv and listen to mgk and nf all FUCKING DAY. And the next day I’m doing the EXACT SAME SHIT. Fuck man. I hate this. Idek

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Hey! Take some time to meditate everyday and draw in positive energy. Figure out what it is that you envision for your future and what things you can start doing now -concrete tasks- that will draw you closer to the goals you want to achieve in the future. We’ve all been through the « I feel like shit » phase. Now it’s time to rewrite your story. You got this, I believe in you:-*

hi, just so u know u not alone. Im 20 years old and my life is just the same, i dont have hobbies because it requires money and need friends. people that iam with all the time doing stuff with theyre families, partys ant stuff. me? nothing. when i come home i start to feel sad because everyone is being Q U I E T ... I TRY to go to free school, trying my best to find myself.. but all i see is everyone growing.. having fun.. and me.. stuck in this episode when i dont know what to do, because everyones families decided, or tried to convince their kids to have effort in stuff that will at the end of the day pay your rent, and now they old and know what to do, even if theyre dont want to do that, but man at least theyre doing something right?