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vent for those who want to listen

i've started norwooding at 17 (19 now) and talking to girls has been a complete and utter disaster. my dating life has barely even started and it feels like its over. I've had girls i was into compare me to unattractive celebrities and one i really liked straight up called me unattractive to my face. It's not just their words it's their body language too. I can just tell by their body language they see me as subhuman. I was never a pervy guy so i was confused until i realized it was probably the failo effect. I used to think the blackpill was nonsense but its hard to ignore it now. I can't even get excited looking at women anymore because it seems so unattainable to me; like it feels wrong being attracted to them because they'd probably feel like they were walking past a peice of dogshit if I crossed paths with them. I don't even hate women. How could I really blame them for wanting chads genetics for their kid when my genetics would just get them bullied like i was growing up. I want to die but i'm still alive in hopes someday i can rid of this fucking curse. I spend most of my days drinking uncontrolably and i've been isolating myself out of embarrassment and shame for my appearance for what seems like an eternity. Even the counselors i've talked to imply that i'm fucked and i'll miss out on pussy until i'm in my late 20s or 30s and use emphemisms to disguise it such as "oh girls like bald guys when they're older". Doesnt help i'm 5'7 either. This is the side of life bluepilled normies chose to ignore. Richard Rameriz didn't need self help books. Jeremy Meeks didn't need self help books. Personality mattering is a falacy created to keep the wheels of capitalism turning because a dead incel can't work. Why do you think the height average is so low despite the fact women are so picky about it? I want a relationship with a women to actually mean something but I feel like i'm going to have to betabux my way out of this no matter what. What the hell else am I supposed to do? I don't ever talk about these feelings with my normie friends because i feel like my venting would fall on deaf ears considering they just get handed this stuff on a silver platter and don't truly get it. So here i am talking to you fucks hoping I can find someone out there to at least try and relate because I feel so fucking alone.

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Re: vent for those who want to listen

Dude, im a girl, and let me tell you that not all girls are asses, you'll get someone who cares more about the type of person you are rather than your external features.

Reading ur 'vent' I think u r pretty smart.🙆 Like so many people won't get what you wrote at the end😁 I also was kinda lost for a bit.

Some honest advice:

I think that you need to love yourself first before asking others to love you. Ur confidence is something that needs to be lifted as at the moment, it seems like its pretty low. I think that right now, you need to surround yourself with people who make you feel better about yourself, if there aren't then try to stop hiding and go out to show people who u really are, cuz I think ur pretty cool, who knows, maybe one day you'll change the stereotypical 'handsome', .I hated myself sometimes, but I think that working out helps take ur mind off problems (and earns you a good physique😂)

I also don't get why early sex is a big thing, it just means you lose your virginity early, honestly, just why??

Lastly, something I often tell myself is " get a grip on yourself, you are worth more than the negative comments thrown at you"

That advice is now for u

Good luck with loving yourself and HWAITING!!!

I would also say that you are really smart guy, something that many people would wish for.

I also think its true your confidence is soo low. To begin with, am not soo handsome, am thin (as in I wear sweaters and jackets to hide it, I cant go swimming or remove my shirt. I hate my self but not as much as you do)

You don't know how inspired I felt reading your post, you are a blessing to others (me if not others). Also I have no girlfriend (I am 27 years of age with no girlfriend, and you are scared you don't have one at 19, wake up men) I have been lonely but I pray that one day I will get a wife and Kids who will love me but know I know what's wrong with me(us buddy) confidence and self acceptance.

Don't loose hope as I have done. I have messed up men. Am suicidal, cursing God for creating me and doing so disgusting stuff so dont go to that point. Trust me it will be much difficult for you and you will have messed up completely.

You will get someone who will love you truly so don't loose hope on your self you are so smart kid. God bless you