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Sometimes I feel like an outcast, like I dont belong. No matter what I do I just can't seem to fit their expectations. At first I was too chubby then I was too skinny, and now I'm too fat. They say Im not girly enough while complaining why I couldn't have been a boy. And I just dont get it. What do they want from me? My grades are never good enough either. It doesn't matter that my grades are considered above average they want me to be at the top. And I can't do that. God I feel so useless. What can I even do right? I can't even be a half decent sister without getting mad at her. They say I yell at her too much that she should be given leeway since she's still young. Shes only 4 years younger for gods sake! it doesn't matter to them that she stole from me repeatively, it doesn't matter she destroyed my only birthday present. It just doesnt matter. Sometimes I really just want to end it all. Wouldnt it be peaceful then? There wouldnt be any degrafing comments, no expectations, no facade of this perfect little girl to keep up.