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Venting again 🙄

HERE I AM VENTING ONCE AGAIN ok so I love my dad but he really needs to chill with the alcohol. He got drunk on my family 5 times already. The first time was very traumatizing and he promised not to do it again. He promised he would only drink 3 beer bottles a day. But then that just got repeated each time. He didnt apologize to me anymore after the first time. (Im his only daughter and the youngest and im also close to him) He always apologized to my mom and gave her flowers each time but he never apologized (after the first time) to me. He doesnt know how much i cried when he got drunk. I was also very afraid of my parents getting a divorce but now i dont give a fuck. But oh well it is what it is

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Re: Venting again 🙄

Ooohhhh you gaf mama lol i know you do bc it hurts you 💔 you have to tell him. Talk to him. Never give up on telling him how this makes you feel. And do this while he is sober.. Avoid him when hes been drinking.. Stop letting people hurt with their actions though if they love you and they see its a problem they will stop! Especially since its your dad. Fathers should be better to their daughters .. but no ones perfect, talk to him about his alcoholism see when and why it all started, try to understand where it all comes from