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Very confused

I don't know why is my mind is making such a mess.

It's hard to be the person we really want to be.

We always give other people advices about life and things but when it come to our own problems we never actually follow them. And when the other person who doesn't follow our advices we really really get disappointed by their actions. Now I understood the meaning of- It's easy to be said than done. 

We have confidence in some people and we say that oh-its-really-easy-for-them-to-acheive-it or they-are-really-hard-working-so-they-would-definetly-get-success. For once a while why can't we be that person? Why can't we think such positive things for ourselves? Why the hell are we good-advicers and a non-listener-fellow at the same time?

And why is it hard to do good-things in which we really believe?

Why can't we live a life with full-satisfaction and a guilt-free life? 

I would appreciate if someone wants to share their thoughts about this. Also you can correct my English, you're most welcome :) thank you