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This is a outlet and I get that but can you create a special section for suicidal people. Im not trying to be insensitive. Im new to this site and 1 in 3 people want to die. The shit is ridiculous. Life is not a straight line. Hard times make you strong. Ive probably been thru some shyt where a person would justify suicide but fuck that Im still here. Im here to prove all of those mfs wrong that said I would never be shit. Now im doing well and they are still around to see it. Most ppl are shit and it is what it is but do watever tf you have too to be happy. Dont harm yourselves. Im considering not coming back because everyday its this suicide talk.

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Re: Vigyaa

I actually want to help suicidal people. What’s more important than trying to save a life?

But I annoyed someone apparently. So I’m laying back for a while.

Someone I love is in hard spot.

If I ever get centered again I want to try to help.

Try to feel love for others. Just don’t let all the sadness suck you in.

My soul mate is so weak. It breaks my heart. I’m trying to dig deep & be helpful to others again