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Lmao. So this is what the villains of the stories feel like? You'll always be the villain in their eyes so why not be a good one at that? Oh-so-good people feeling they've been wronged and establish alliance to prove they're on the good side. It's been years since I ranted out and I never wanted to rant even to my parents, to friends, moreso in Facebook. But I'm beyond pissed right now. People tend to look at their own side of the story so I never explain myself even if I feel misunderstood. I keep whatever's on my mind until someone pour my pail of temper. You're used to me just saying yes to everything and being smile-y and quite that when I finally blurt out everything I'm keeping, you'll say I'm the worst. So yeah, probably I'm the worst of worst. I never thought I'm a bad person until now. Probably it's much better to be the bad person, huh. With no conscience no nothing. I'm barely hanging onto the thought that I didn't do anything wrong --- that my biggest sin was my lack of motivation and reckless extravagance. I'm one thin line away from being the villain of all your lives. Or probably much better to just poof and be gone.