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I have recently moved to London to just explore around and earn a bit so that I can afford to stay here for a little longer.

I have no plans of saving, no plans of getting my life together and I absolutely have no clue about where my life is heading.

I came to the UK last year for education but it was never my first priority.

I came here to get away from a guy I couldn't possibly live without. It's funny, isn't it?

Sometimes I feel like I am born too late. An old soul trapped in a young body. Nostalgic, a daydreamer, always looking at the world through my own vintage perspective. Golden Age Thinking if you will! I wish denial of the present wasn't so obvious!

So I am writing this just to fill the voids, while the city is weeping. I hear someone playing nice, melancholic Cello from somewhere across the corners and it is taking me to the places I have never been! I am at a point in my life where nothing bothers me. I wake up and take strolls around the city like a local. I watch people. I watch them going to their jobs. I watch kids running around having no worries about their future and I watch women. Hustling through all the chaos of this charming city. I admire the street performers I see everywhere and I wish to be one someday. I wanna stand in a crowded, happening place and I wanna sing Don Ho's Tiny Bubbles..I wanna sing it to the people passing by and at the same time I want to be holding hands with a guy when the lines say, "with a feeling that I'm gonna love you till the end of time..." <3

Dreamy evenings, pouring rains, warm and cosy pubs and people full of sophistication. The city grows on you, you know!

I wish Woody Allen could make one about London just like Midnight in Paris..