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Hi I'm 12, You may have hear a story like mine before, but the difference between mine and other is that I feel these emotions every day and they overwhelm me ever single day. In a nutshell, my mum shout and swears at me every day of my life since I was 8. My parents split up when I was around 4 and ever since then it's got harder and harder to live with myself . My mum blames me that my dad wanted a divorce but I try and tell myself it's not my fault and she just wants someone to blame . I try to live my life happily . I tried. No one notices how I feel . I'm sick of it .

I fell like if i died no one would have a care in the world . My mum kicked me out the house a week before my birthday and I had to wait outisde in the cold for 20minuets ,so my dad could come and pick me up . She ruined my birthday and didn't care at all for what she did then got me some chopsticks,a cheep ring that cost her £4 ,a necklace and 2 pairs of earings that cost her 2pounds each .I'm sad constantly, I'm angry constantly, I'm emotional constantly. I'm in PAIN!But no one cares. I've needed to tell people who might actually listen if they dont know me . Like I told my teacher and the next day my mum phoned the same teacher and said I had shouted in her face and back chatted her . That was the first time a cut my arm . I showed my mum and said you did this to me. She started crying and said how sorry she was. Then she was nice ish to me for 3-4 months then she was horrible to me again . I also get bullied at school. Like hit,punched,kicked .Called names constantly like cunt,slut,sket,whore,bitch and many other things including death threats and apparently I should go jump off a cliff... but I try to stay strong ...

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