Walking away from a Controlling woman

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I need to walk away from this relationship. She is too controlling and manipulating. She feels threatened by my independence. She is Emotionally abusive when angry and has to dominate all the time. Luckily she’s stopped the drinking which used to be a nightmare. I have kids from my previous marriage and I have to put their needs first but I feel like all she ever talks about is what she needs and wants and is constantly trying to run my life. She is like a manger and step mother rolled into one.

And yet I was once head over heels in love with her..

To any woman out there reading this - if you want to stay with your man then let him feel independent and have a voice and be allowed to make mistakes and he will repay you ten times over with loyalty and love . So many women don’t get this.

Believe me I think I will be happier on my own.

Wish me luck😎