Wanna go now

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These days I haven't been feeling fine.

I suddenly lost interest to live long.

I have dreams and goals that I wanted to achive but right now I don't know if I have the strength to do that anymore. I tried telling my family as well as my friends about what I have been feeling but they just laughed at me and said that I was being dramatic, that's why I created a note inside my head to just keep my thoughts to myself. I tried opening up to my dad because he's my listener whenever I wanted to share something, either bad or good news but this time all he said was " kill yourself then, I don't care. " I really thought I could trust him but I guess I was wrong. I silently cry every night because of the thoughts that's been running on my mind like jumping from a building, being hit by a truck, being suffocated or hanging myself. I wanted to find an inspiration and motivation to live long but I can't, no matter how I tried to, I can't find any reasons to live anymore. I wanna go now.

To the one that's reading this, I wish and hope that you don't do something like what I have in mind rn.

- S.V

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