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all I want in life is to have a good week. Not a good day, or a good few days. I want one week where nothing happens and I’m okay. I’ve been laying in bed crying to myself because that’s all I know to do. I want to look in mirrors or look at scales and not think “check yourself -“. I want to eat normally and never have to worry about whether my weight gets over 120. I want to be able to order my own food at restaurants. I want to be able to go back to Public school. I want to have my friends back and not have to deal with their crap. I want my best friend to talk to me again. I want try mother to stop drinking constantly and taking out her anger on her children. I want to have good grades in school again. I want to have motivation again. I want to stop having intrusive thoughts. I want to sleep normally again. I want to stop getting older. I want to stop being young. I want my sister to not hate me. I want to never have massive headaches. I want to never cry. I want to stop being so sensitive. I want to stop having anxiety. I want to stop having depression- or maybe I’m just being dramatic and sad. I can’t even tell. I want to just stop. Is that to much to ask for?.