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Want to use my woman?

My wife confided in me that one of her ex boyfriends taped them fucking and showed it to their friends. I feel so sorry for her but secretly I feel so turned on about it. I desperately want to see it. I’m at the point where I fantasize about her getting drugged and raped by strangers. I occasionally post ads on Craigslist asking for someone to get roofies and I let him use her. It’s so wrong but she’s crazy sexy and almost never lets me fuck. It’s turned me into a pervert. Anyone in Portland want to put some sperm in my cute prude wife? Email me. I’m real. Johncummingnow at yahoo.

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Re: Want to use my woman?

you wedded her an vowed to her why do that to the person you married? to do that to someone be a waste of time i find people who do that waste a good marriage but if she is not pleasing you then something is not right there if she is not doing that i feel if she is just trophy might as well find