Was breaking up the right decision for me?

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I just broke up with my boyfriend. We were together for 15 months and he was honestly a great person to be with. He took care of me, gave me good amount of attention and just loved me, despite all the flaws i have. In short, we broke up because of differences in values. Although we ended our relationship in a good term (we're still friends), i've spent the rest of my days crying and just regretting my decision in breaking up with him (even until now).

Then i remembered that my boyfriend did told me about how he's not entirely sure about our relationship and he told me he's sorry that he can't give a 100% in our relationship. This was probably due to the fact that he's going to army next month and will be back in 1.5 years, which means communication would be pretty much limited. His behaviour was just so different from before he enlisted himself to the army, where he was so happy thinking about us being together in the future.

I also remembered him telling me "we should continue until someone lose feelings for each other". Do you think it was the right call for me to break up with him?

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