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Was it my fault?

I am hurt 

Maybe this all because of my blind faith

Maybe I was being used all along 

Maybe that's what everyone tries to do

Yeah Maybe...

But, this stab went in too deep.

Tried to calm myself down as much as I could 

It was in vein ! My heart pounded ever so slowly

My gut wrenched & churned itself

I felt like I wish could just pull it out and make the pain stop!!

My mouth dried up now I knew what parched feels like 

How much so ever water I sipped it was the same 

My Head throbbed badly 

And I wondered,

Is this how unconditional and unwavering love is reciprocated today ? 

Am I that bad of person to warrant such a response 

Yes someone whom I loved deeply had used me 

Yes my unwavering feelings were used 

There were never a clear yes from the other end 

But then, didn't I even deserve to know 

If the other person was discretely dating someone else for 3 years!! 

Was I a fool to help someone ?

To always be at the other end whenever the person needed me 

Was there even an other end? 

Was it all my fault?