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Was the relationship toxic?

I met a guy last September and he seemed nice at the time. I've never been one to just jump into a relationship so I told him we should get to know each other. We talked for 7 months before forming a relationship. When we started "dating" it was like he changed. He started saying that I was clingy and jealous when in reality he was those things. He would also tell me he liked that I was "broken" and "damaged". He wanted to talk 24/7 and he didn't really give me any alone time. I rarely got to spend time with friends and family because he wanted all of my time.When we were alone all he wanted to do was sexual things. I told him I didn't want to most of the time but he'd guilt trip me into doing things with him. I also told him I wanted to wait to have intercourse but he said he didn't want to wait. Then one day I decided to wear a knee length dress, it was a v-line and I made sure that it wasn't showing too much skin. He told me he didn't like the dress I was wearing because it showed too much. He then told me he didn't like when I would wear skirts that were mid-thigh and shirts that were sheer. He made an entire list of things I couldn't wear and even 2 piece bathing suits were on the list. I broke it off with him in May and now just the thought of that relationship makes me feel icky about myself. When I broke it off he has his best friend dm me and the best friend told me i really hurt my ex and that he deserved an explanation. Was I the bad person?

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Re: Was the relationship toxic?

Damn No. You are not the bad person. He sounds so toxic from whatever you have written about him. Good that you broke off with him. He should not have been dictating you at all. Guess, he was just enjoying ruling over you and when you finally said a No to all that abuse, his ego got hurt.

I appreciate you for respecting yourself and ending up with him.

You are not a bad person don't blame yourself you did the right thing he was controlling your life and that's never good, if you had stayed with him things could have been worse, you did good in breaking up with him and he needs no explanation

Be strong and don't let any one control you