We Thought Our Dad Was A Billionaire Until We Found Out His Big secret...

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WARNING: this story Isn't real just something I made up!

So my moms a hairdresser and my dad owns his own company, that sells cars. my mom has an average amount of money, but my dad on the other hand... is loaded. he's got BILLIONS of dollars, that my little brother even made a life-sized boat out of money stacks?! Crazy, right? well that\s not it... my mom and dad technically hate each other... So much, that when my mom needs money, my dad won't even give her a penny! I like my mom best, because my dad is... kinda mean and just a tiny bit strict... Yeah, my dad loves me with money. Not with love. He will buy me anything I want, but when we get home he'll just say "Why don't you go do some chores then go in your room alone and play with those stupid iPhones or toys of yours." But that's when I can't argue... Because one time I said... "WHY DON'T YOU JUST SPEND TIME WITH US!" Then, he turned red, yanked both of our arms, and sent us to his limo, and drove us to our moms house. When we got to our moms... that's when... everything "started." You may be asking, what do you mean "started?" Well, the revenge started. And when I found out my dads HUGE secret. Yep, mhm, it was HUGE... Well without further ado, let me spill the tea. He... Well... Umm... He was using credit the whole time, his card bounced. Then everyone realized, he didn't even have a business. He was using a credit card the whole time! That's when he lot's his house, his car, his... everything! That's when he asked to move in with my mom... then of course, she said "NO WAY!" But then, everyone was happy, and we all laughed and giggled.

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