Wearing a watch is idiotic

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I am done wearing analog watches for good. I've realized they are obsolete and nothing but a pain in the ass. When the battery dies it's impossible to get the cover back on without the special fucking tools, and you still risk bending the fucking cover because of the obscene amount of force it takes to put it on. That is, if the fuckin replacement battery you need even exists anymore. Then if it's a waterproof watch most likely the rubber cunt hair o ring is probably dry rotted so now it's now even waterproof. And in reality you could have a professional sort out the battery and the o ring but how fucking stupid is it that it's next to impossible to service your own watch on your own. I just destroyed mine with a sledge hammer and threw it in the trash. Good riddance. I'll use this thing called a phone that tells you the date and time and you can just recharge it. Maybe pay to have it waterproofed.

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