Weird Daydreaming Thing

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I, a 17 year old young woman, spend a lot of my free time in various fictional worlds in my head because god damn it life sucks right now. Most of these are based on the anime I watch, and while I like to throw in references to all of them in each world, I cannot mix the characters in them.

For an example that also explains what I’m posting about:

I have two characters for Bleach. One is Ichigo’s twin sister, and the other is Byakuya Kuchiki’s long lost daughter. Each of these characters is also linked to at least one separate other world, but they never cross each other’s paths.

So I was just fucking around last night, pretending I’m Ichigo’s sister until I got tired. Now, I don’t snap out of my daydreams when I go to sleep. I just make my character fall asleep in the daydream as well. Fast forward to this morning, and at some point during the night my character switched to being Byakuya’s daughter. I don’t know how that happened, since it’s never happened before, but I’m having trouble snapping back out of it and into my normal personality again.

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