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i've been with my boyfriend for three years. the other day i borrowed his phone because mine was dead and i needed to call my brother. anyways my boyfriend gets up to take a shower, and when i hung up on my brother, i thought i'd do a little snooping. i found an unnamed contact, and i didnt recognize the number, so i got a little worried. when i opened it i found some quite graphic images. i realized almost immediately he was cheating. i quickly got a pen and wrote down the number. when i got home (and my phone was fully charged), i texted the girl. when i asked her if she knew [boyfriend's name], she was like, yeah, he's my boyfriend. when i told her he was my boyfriend, she. got. MAD. not at me, but at him. she started calling him names and said she didn't even know i existed. apparently she has been with him for a year. we're planning to meet up tomorrow to talk about what we should do to get back at him.