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Well, this is my introduction and a little what i feel

Hi , I am seventeen years old. I have a lovely family who loves me a lot and i love them back as much as they love me. I am a lively girl who tries to look at the bright side of everything, i love to travel , to read, to watch movies, series and sunsets, and oof how can i forget food, i truly don't live on food but for food , considering my love for food i still have a considerably normal waist, not that i'm judgemental or whatever, but i am just telling you how i feel. This is the first time i am ever writing on a platform anonymously so i guess i do need to share something about myself before i let you know my feelings.

So i am a non medical student, and not to boast i am intelligent too, i don't study that much but because i have a sharp brain i do manage to study within 2 3 days, but oh my brain which i love so much , i fear if it is now facing some issues.

It has been quite sometime that i have been having blackouts , it started of occassionaly nit now i guess it is more of a daily routine. The doctor says that it has to do something with my blood circulation , in short the pumping of my heart, and what do i tell u dude, when i had my hand read by my father he did tell me that beta take care of ur heart it might cause problems later, but oh my foolish heart, the heart that sees the dreams of being a pilot was shattered. I however thought that nothing like this would happen but now i guess it istime, i just start feeling uneasy all of a sudden, it is as if i have problem in breathing, my head rolls, i see spotted black vision, sometimes i lose control on my body, it is just that it is tooo much uneasyness, it s as if i just cannot really explain, so well moving on

I need to visit a doctor rn but i just dont know....

i need to tell more but iam already tired

ps: if u did manage to read till here , just dont try to google what i feel, you will probably feel scared lol