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Well...Here goes.

I’m glad that I found this website first and foremost. I’m glad I have somewhere to vent about my problems even if they aren’t valid to everyone. I’m glad that anyone can vent about whatever they are going through. I read a few other articles that others have written and it felt like I wasn’t the alone in the world. So yeah here goes. Okay so I am a teenager. Let’s just get that over with. My parents aren’t about that “teenager feelings BS”. If I’m feeling really sad or depressed it’s probably because I’m being a “crybaby” or I’m being a “wimp”. They make it seem like my feelings don’t matter and that I always have to be happy. If I’m feeling sad I “need to suck it up” or “deal with it”. My parents aren’t the type of parents to send their children to therapy. Hidings and lectures are their way of therapy. They think that constantly reminding me of my weight is good and comparing me to others is good. They’re always telling me to be more this or be more like so and so. It’s like no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do it’s never enough. Nothing in this world could ever be close to being enough when it comes to them. Now, I’m grateful for all that they’ve done for me I’ll give them that. But still they’re never proud of me. They try to get me to think they are but I already know that in the back of their minds I’m nothing but a useless, ungrateful, piece of crap that does nothing at all. I sometimes question if they even love me. They say it but their actions aren’t really doing what they say they are doing. It’s like I’m a burden. It’s like they don’t want me around and as soon as I am stable enough, they’ll finally be able to get rid of me. I feel like they only keep me around to help take care of my three younger siblings. But other than that I feel like I’m just there. There’s a million other things I want to say but I can always say them next time. Thanks for reading if you do.

You are not alone.



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Re: Well...Here goes.

You are loved. Don’t allow that negative thought to enter your mind. Just tell yourself everyday, I am loved! No matter what life looks like and how you feel that day, just say it. Your parents love you in their own way, which may not be what you need, unfortunately. Love yourself. Appreciate yourself. And if there is anything about you that you want to change, and it’s within your power to do so, change it. Take life one day at a time.