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We're better than this

I feel deeply hurt when someone doesn't like their life. We all don't face the same difficulties and I get that it's easier to say than actually go through stuff, but come on, we are better than this. We should know better.

I believe that we are all here to care for each other. To stay together and progress together.

We all can't put up a brave front, and that's okay. So why not break down in front of a stranger? It's so much easier to share something when you know that you might never see them again.

There's always help around. Look.

When people don't have time for us, there exist actual people whose job is to have time for you. Use it.

It is disheartening to see someone so sad.

When people say that their mind is a prison, it's just so heavy and sad to hear that.

I know we were all born strong.

And yet that one harsh moment of truth and we forget everything we've ever worked for.

The people who love you don't deserve this, no matter how much you think they hurt you.

It's a guilt way too heavy for anyone to carry around.

Please let's just all be kind.

Spread love and laughter.

Let's be known for spreading positivity.

I genuinely believe that 'Everything happens for a reason'. That even in the darkest moments of dispair, there's atleast one good thing. That among a million reasons, there's always just one reason to hold on to.

We need happiness now more than ever.

And I'm sure we'll find it.

Untill then, we got to remember that we are better than the negativity.

We are better than this.