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What am best at

If there's something am really good at, it's burning bridges. Mama called in to check on me and she asked if i still have food to eat. Quarantine made me extra poor. I probably love food so much cause the moment she asked it, i burst out crying. I can't speak up anymore so she ended the call and called again. But am already sobbing i can't pick up the phone. Until i turned it off. Turned it on again to send her a text that my battery's draining and have to turn off my phone to charge. Then turned it on again cause i hella need my phone to calm myself and stop crying cause am been crying for an hour and am exhausted but my tears wont stop so i just put my phone on airplane mode. I dont wanna give my mama worries and i have no one else to talk to but myself. Why? Cause i've burned all the bridges. Nothing's left to cross.