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What am I

I was born a girl. At first I was okay with that, but then I started to hate my body. I want to get rid of my girl parts they disgust me when I look at them. I can't even look down when I'm in the shower because I look disgusting. I wish I could've chosen my gender. I wish I could tell my parents and sister how I feel about myself, but I'm scared they'll find me disgusting too. I wish I could be happy with what I am, but I feel like shit. Sometimes I don't care that I'm a girl, but then I look in the mirror and just hate myself.

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Re: What am I

If you have access to cognitive behaviour therapy without your family knowing that would be great! What your feeling at the moment isn't weird or unnatural. There is plenty of resources out there whether it may be charities or therapists to help you decide what you want to do or help you understand what's going on. I haven't however been in this situation to give you a full understanding.

I hope you seek what you want to know but, you will be loved more than you will ever know x