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What am I? (LGBT+)

OK SO, I am not transphobic but I can't see myself with someone trans that way. I have friends that are trans, and I enjoy their company, AS FRIENDS. I also cannot see them sexually unless they have fully transitioned. I like Non-Binary's, Genderfluid peeps, and Cis Men and Women. I've been using Bisexual as my preference but after reading an article about Pansexuals I'm a little confused. I just need someone a little more knowledgable to reaffirm I'm correct when I say I'm Bi. If it helps I am a Cis female.

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Re: What am I? (LGBT+)

im not expery in sexuality myself, but it seems you are pansexual. maybe you're more attracted to one gender than the other, which totally makes sense. im lesbian and i have no problem dating a trans woman, but i also wouldn't do anything sexual until the transition is complete. so i do understand whete you're coming from. but yes, trans women are real women and trans men are men regardless of where they are in their transition. hope this helped.