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So I have this friend, We grew up together, lived with eachother for a short time when we were kids.

We still talk from time to time, he dated one of my bestfriends for a couple years, after they broke up he started sleeping casually with multiple women, fast forward another 2 years he started dating one of my ex bestfriends, got married within 6 months, got divorced right away.. I did get in trouble for him trying to talk to me throughout their relationship, he would tell me how bad it was and what would happen and I would just provide basic wisdom, actually a couple years before that too, I got in trouble with my bestfriend for talking to him... i'm going to keep getting into trouble here. They think that i'm intimidating to their relationships, which I know I may be, but keep in mind that we met a very long time ago before I met my "friends"

We still talk now and then, he sends me pictures of himself everytime we talk, we talk very friendly you know.

I'm kind of terrified because lately I feel like we're getting too close.

I'm not one to ignore anyone but I feel like if I keep answering him he'll start to think that i'm interested. I don't know if I am, I don't believe in that kind of love or marriage.

But then again I'm afraid that we have attachments. I know that it's not always easy to tell someone "I just want to remain friends" I'm kind of in a rut right now, I enjoy his company and our talks but I feel like we're going to cross the line sometime soon, I like him being in my life, I like being in his. Is it suppose to be this hard having a guy friend? What are your thoughts?

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