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What causes this?

I hate human conflict and am a pacifist. But ive masturbated to decapitation, murders, accidents and autopsies. But if it's my own gender I feel really bad and get sad. If its the other gender I get turned on. What's strange is that I'm a people pleaser in person. And you better not hurt any animal.

Whats all that about?

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Re: What causes this?

bro im a girl and i love that shit too. i like to hear girls scream in pain while theyre getting injured. idk if it's normal but i cant help getting turned on by it lmaoo

I wobder if it has anything to do with sub dom culture. Its interesting to see that a girl likes it too. Could you imagine liking something that and dating someone?

"Oh honey I get horny rhinking about killing people of your gender"

Lol I doubt that would go over well....most of the time