What could have been?

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Don't you ever wonder what would it be like if we screw up things while growing up?

Trust me I do always wonder what would my life be like if I didn't screw things while growing up

And it made me an addictive daydreamer in psychological terms it is known as Maladaptive daydreaming

Here's what I was thinking myself as for the last few days in my daydreams I'm a student who did well in school in academics wise while doing that I earned island ranks in exams also completing a professional qualification now following a degree in the finest universities in my country in Cyber forensics and Telecommunication engineering and also earning lots of money from stock market investments and being rich and able to get my dream vehicles and all

The sad thing about this is even though I know it is not real I tend to keep daydreaming because it made me feel better because I didn't do well in school academics after I was 17 failed professional qualification didn't get into the finest universities in the country and I have wasted a large amount of my parent's money and I'm TV show and movie addict

My OCD won't even let me type things I want to type here :(

I feel sooooo lost :(