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What do I do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 10 months now. Last night, we were drinking and playing games with friends and he was drunk and came at (hit) his best friend. I took him outside and I told him he was embarrassing me and his behavior was not okay- drunk or not. I said we should go upstairs and go to bed- and we did but when I went to the bathroom he ran downstairs and ran outside. I chased him with no shoes on and sat outside for 20 minutes until he agreed to come inside. Later he mentioned something about wanting to kill himself, and I know he didn’t mean it ans he immediately regretted it because he knew he basically manipulated me into staying the night (I’m not going to leave if he says he wants to kill him self obviously). So i stayed. I know this is bad- but I’m so in love and were so happy and so in love (besides last night). What do I do?

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Re: What do I do?

Be there for him, protect him, comfort him, make him feel at home in your arms. If shit hits the fan, get him some therapy. You are in love with this guy and that is beautiful, keep that. But if he hurts you mentally or physically, that's where you draw the line. Don't let him hurt you boo.

10 months is a long time to go without there being any similar incidents in between.Its a red flag for sure . Ill likely have a more cautionary opinion cause in my drinkin DAZE, I did everything He did that night.... MANY nights, and it started at 17. Got MUCH worse.Lasted another 18 yrs. I know this is worst case senerio but Id stay vigilant. Being in love, no matter how much , how deep, how committed, can/will stop his behavior, while drinkin heavy, if it truly IS or becomes "a problem". And you cannot fix it. Just some words to remember if this happens again in the near future.