broken heart

What do I do

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Imagine having your body change in drastic ways and carrying the love of your life’s child, you sleep next to this person every night, you trust them, you love them. Then you find out they’ve been sending explicit photos between his ex and himself, not only pictures but exchanges of love. And you keep going into it and he is not only doing this picture thing with one but many girls i didn’t count because it made me dizzy. I was shattered,I remained calm for the baby’s sake. I stayed strong because I love him. But now my broken heart still lingers, everyday. I trust him, I do. I love him, I am just stuck like how do I heal from this? How do I get better and heal my broken hear? I love him and want him to be my forever and I know he loves me and changed his ways now, he is loyal and loving and caring and the best dad ever. He does nothing like that to me and just tries to understand but I don’t think he fully understands what my point of view is and how I can’t just bounce back and heal in the matter of a few months, I was 37 weeks pregnant when I found out that stuff, my daughter is 2 months old now. It’s only been 5 weeks since it happened..... 5 weeks... :(