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What do I want

I lay on bed 1:48 am.

A little sleepy but so many thoughts.

The main concept is "what do I really want, what's my goal ?"

I've lost interest in life, not the depressed path, what I mean is, I don't care really..

My brother the other day asked me why are you like this, you don't expand your social circle and you're always alone or don't want anything..

I don't know what does it have anything to do with him but I really don't understand why it's hard for them to just let me be and live how I want..

But then I realized that there isnt anything I ever wanted, or I don't remember wanting something so badly, as if I don't have a goal to my life ..

All I ever did was because it was expected from me, to live and be something..

But I've lost motivation

I stopped caring for some reason or maybe because the efforts I put were pointless

I don't get it when someone has a passion for something and they would work hours and spend so much energy into it..

I feel so pointless in this life

It's exhausting