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What does a life mean to all of you, exactly? Of course ,its a blessing of the God I would like to say but why do we have to suffer a lot in this lifetime. Some are living the best days of their life and some are living the worst time of their life. Why is it so? Why is the world so biased? As a kid , I heard the story of Buddha. He abandoned all his families in order to find the purpose of the life. Now at this point of my age I exactly know the reason why he left all the worldly ties behind. We only get a chance to live once in our lifetime. Is our life a boon or is it a curse? Well from my POV , those who are living the best of their life ;life is a boon for them for those who are having the worst time of their life ;life must have been a curse to them. Why can't we all be equal? Why can't we all feel in the exact same way? People say that those who have committed a sin have to suffer after their reincarnation. Is it really true? Well I don't know what does a life exactly mean but I do know that this life is precious to all of us. So ,enjoy your life as much as you can. Don't hold any grudges against anyone. Stay positive. Your own perspective of life defines your life. If you take your life as a boon then it is beautiful. But if you take your life as a curse then your life is lot more worse than a hell. But life would have been even more wonderful if all the people around the world were treated as exactly in the same way.