What I am offering.

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What I am offering is simple.

I am way past everything what you guys think of me.

My craziness is over, my time I wanted to kill myself are over

The time I didn't want any attachment are over.

Everyone that was toxic in my life was killed and pushed away

All my problems are now solved, and I'm trouble free

I'm 40 yo now, and at peace with no craziness or drama.

I've moved on everything that happen to me, even if I still have the scars.

I just want to wake up in the morning, and enjoy life.

Surrounded around people that I trust.

That I will protect them BUT they will also protect me

My life is clean right now, my past is over, my problems are solved.

I just want peace right now.

I'm a old warrior, tired of fighting. I can still raise and fight when need arise.

But, I am not looking for any battles anymore.

I just want to rest in peace, surrounded with love and trust.

Whoever can respect that, will be welcome to share it with me.