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What I Belive In

What I believe in?

I believe in being good. Being good not in the essence of being a push over or anything like that. But, being good to people I love. I mean yes I can throw in some jokes here and there but I'd also be the bridge for you to cross on. Over the dangerous waters which are your experiences and darkness.

I believe in being there for them when they need you not only when they need you but generally. Give them a hug, let them know they mean something to me, go out of your way to even make them smile for a split second. Because in that split second a poor life has been lost.. and you just saved one. See I believe that it doesn't take buying them expensive houses, or gifts to make them feel better but sometimes just a simple "I care about you" is worth more than diamonds. One of the purest things I've felt or have done is have a friend of mine cry on my shoulders. As she did I felt like a sign saying that maybe this is my purpose. I held her with my arms and kissed her on the head and whispered to her that everything will be okay. Her tears were so pure, so expensive... I cant forget that night and I dont want to. But there are consequences with this like there are consequences with everything in life, some greater than others.

The consequences that come with this are, when you are there for everyone not everyone will be there for you.. and that's just how it goes. You cant be mad at that though, because the goal was to help them because you wanted to. Not because it was a favour. What they can do is at least remember who was there for them when they couldn't sleep at night. Who was there for them when they needed a hug.

Now, I need a hug. And I have nobody. But as usual, that's okay. I believe in giving others hope. I believe in showing people how it feels like to be cared about, to be loved, because sometimes they just need reminding. Yes, they have mom and dad, but sometimes they don't want to tell mom and dad. Not because they don't trust them but because they don't want to break mommy's and daddy's hearts. See they care as well. I believe in healing. I believe in helping. I believe in being good.