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What i feel everyday...

I had to vent my feelings out somewhere.....so i decided to do it here! I have very few friends and i'm not that personal with them, so i couldn't discuss it with them. When your own family is the problem you can't ask them for help either. So i thought it would be a better idea to pour my words her rather than suppress my feelings and lead myself into depression. The thing is i have a very disproportionate body to which i've heard a lot of criticism since ages, i've been plus size since childhood and i did try to change my figure through diet and exercise once but it ended up really badly! My mom keeps making fun of my body and 'advises' me to do different things to lose weight...from the second i wake up in the morning till i sleep she tortures me by her mean comments. It really hurts too much when your own mom does such things..I'm not that close with my dad so i don't have the guts to share this issue with him. I do maintain a healthy diet but my mom hates that i do so...I really am unable to understand her. i've no clue what to do. I'm stuck and i feel suffocated! When you get no love from family you really doubt whether you deserve love or not....i keep watching calming and motivational videos to better myself but all in vain.

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Re: What i feel everyday...

I don’t think being plus size is the big of a deal. People make it like that because there is always something they need in order to discriminate someone else.

I used to be really skinny, I’m gaining some weight lately and my family is usually on me because of that. Saying I need to stop eating this and I need to start doing that. And let me tell you I don’t give two shits. Why? Because it is my body, it is me. Whoever I see myself in the mirror if I like it that’s all that matters.

All I can say is love yourself. Wear the kind of clothes you want to wear. I’m obsessed with fashion nova because of their styles. Do what you feel is right.

Take care <3