#What if?

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I fail ALL the faith shrugs its shoulders when I let fear over take my thoughts..when I allow my circumstances define me ..never wanting to make a avoid the endless battle only within myself. the end? Will I be strong? Will I be wise? Will I be happy? Will I be alone? Questions I ask myself daily...not noticing that the answers to those questions have already been taught thru my hardtimes..thru the uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring..thru the small victories that sometimes go unnoticed...thru my never giving up even when I know I should...I know I am fearless only to the point of protecting others before I do for myself..the depth of my heart has forever been mocked as which I have been learning forgiveness instead is so much easier than defending . I pray life will be okay ..I hope for a better tomorrow than today..but if that tomorrow never comes..I wont let today go by without letting everyone I care about know exactly how much they mean to me ... just as I have done all the yesterday's before.  #YOU are my friend...and I love you very much !!!