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what if..

i am terrified. i literally cry at whether or not God is real or not. whether he exists. I am afraid that when the day comes i wont believe enough an he will send me straight to hell. I am scared that when the day comes i will have comitted too many sins and not repented enough and will be sent to hell. and worst of all i am scared that none of it exists and that we all just stop existing and it goes dark forever. and this thought terrifies me. i dont know how to have faith in something i dont know for a fact is there. i want to believe he is there i really do i just dont know how.

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Re: what if..

Remember that you are loved, God loves you. I persnally know God exists because of personal experiences. God will always forgive you if you ask and you are truly repentant. There is no way you can't be good enough for him, i mean, technically none of us are good enough for God but Jesus died on a cross, having commited no sin, to pay for our sins. When Jesus said ''it is fisnished'' it means the debt has been payed. There is no need to worry about going to heaven, if you commit your life to god, and repent from your sins, you will go to heaven. We have actual proof that Jesus lived once, there is more evidence that he existed than Thutan Karmoon (i probably butchered the spelling lol). You may not know that God exists, you don't need proof of something to know it exists. Some people have proof relievant in their lives that may only be relevant in their lives. This is why people say we have no proof of god's existance. Other people have seen real single celled organisms, just because i haven't, it doesn't mean they aren't real. God loves you, please come to him and commit your life to him. Also, none of us are worthy of paradice, yet if we repent and believe in God, we will be in paradice. We are all guillty sinners. Also. people sya Chirstianity is a sexist religion because God is male, God is not a physical being, god is not an old an with a long beard who lives in the sky. God is not a human or an animal and therefore does not have a gender. We personify God, we see himas a father figure, that's why we call him father.