what if i was wrong

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there’s this one guy, we used to be so so close, and he confessed his feelings for me. i didn’t know what to do at that time. i was so extremely confused with my feelings and i didn’t want to get with him just to realize i didn’t like him after and hurt him. so i pushed him away. like i always do. but now we barely talk or hang out, unless it’s from mutual friends. i miss him so much. i thought maybe i only missed him as a friend but i saw him with this other girl the other day. she’s so pretty. my heart broke when i saw them talk and joke around like we used to do. now i realize i might of always liked him. but i don’t want to confess my feelings. i already told him i didn’t like him so telling him i do now is just selfish. he seems happy now. he deserve someone better anyway.