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What if the world was going to end tomorrow?

What if the world was going to end tomorrow? Would I have still continued my feud with my parents? Would I have still been angry at my friend for not calling me everyday? Or would I finally build up the courage to that  guy next door who I had been dying to talk to? When I think about it, if the world were going to end tomorrow, then I would spend my last 24 hours with my family- sleeping in my mother’s lap and experiencing complete bliss, hugging my dad and hoping he is proud of me, playing that one last round of ludo with my siblings, laughing with my besties and finally watching the sunset with the person I love. Why can’t I do this now? Why does it have to be a pandemic or the end of the world which makes me want to do all this? Because these are my heart’s desires and I don’t listen to my heart, I listen to my mind which tells me that if I don’t behave in a particular way, the society will make fun of me, make me an outcast. But if the world will end tomorrow, then who cares about what people will think? I would be long gone with the world for anyone to judge me. I wouldn’t care what the guy next door thinks about me when I finally tell him that I’m head over heels in love with him. I wouldn’t care what my ex best friend would think when I would call her and tell her that I miss her and am dying to talk to her.I wouldn’t care about anything other than fulfilling my hearts desires, because, come on the world is gonna end tomorrow! If I don’t do it today, then I never can!