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What is a coach?

It’s not just some dude making millions to throw his shoe at his players (they don’t really do that). It’s any of us.

I once saw two boys endangering their lives. I looked for parents. I was the only adult there. I’d just got out of the hospital. I felt very sick. I didn’t want to argue with their parents. But I couldn’t just let a child die.

So I got onto the kids. Told them to get down. Then I had to deal with the parents. I explained. The dad never thanked me. But did get onto them. He did start watching them after that.

The mom got mad. Gave me a dirty look. Never did watch them after that that I saw. Well. At least one of them was.

You can be a coach by doing tiny little things. Teach your own child to swing a bat; while teaching them to be a better person. My kids are much better people than I ever was.

In life we can do our part just by getting out of the way sometimes. If you see an ambulance coming; slow down & SAFELY pull over (they don’t need another wreck to go too). The people they are trying to save could be someone you know.

There are always tiny ways we can help in the world. But we can’t help the world if we don’t stay here.

If your gay & you kill yourself; how can you help other gay children not want to kill themselves? If an autistic like me doesn’t stand up for the autistic children who can not speak; who will? If a fat ugly person (who really isn’t fat or ugly) won’t learn to love themselves; who will love them? If they won’t learn to be a good role model to others like them, who will?