What is DID, or as they used to call it, a Multiple Personality Disorder?

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I will try to make this answer as easy to understand as possible.

Psychiatrists and psychologists often use difficult words most of us do not understand, like “fugue states” or “dissociation”.

But this answer is so easy, that even a child can understand it.

Everyone of you knows what a glass bowl is. You will probably have one in the kitchen.

If you hold it half an inch above the floor and drop it, not much will happen.

But if you drop it from a higher position, it may break into two parts.

You still have one bowl, but it has broken into two parts.

Now you climb on a ladder and you drop the bowl on the ground.

This time, the bowl may break into many different fragments.

Now you understand what a Multiple Personality Disorder is.

Our mind is just like a glass bowl.

If you hurt it real bad, it will break into different parts.

And if you are very much hurt and sexually abused and hit from a young age onward, just like the glass bowl, your mind will break into different parts and it feels as if more people are living in your body.

They will each have different names. They may be boys or girls.

But, just like all the fragments of the glass bowl, they are not “different people”.

In therapy, the therapist will do, what you would do with a glass bowl, that is broken.

He will try to glue the pieces together. This us called “integration” with a difficult word.

And if the therapy succeeds, the glass bowl will be whole again.

People with DID are hurt very, very, very bad.

I have had a few of them as friends and I listened to their very painful stories and talked to their parts.

We should help them and support them and not have a laugh about their situation.

They have difficult lives and often they are not being believed or taken seriously.

I hope, you understand more about DID (Or Multiple Personality Disorder) now!

I would just love to write more about their experiences and the way they deal with their problems, but this is not a book!

Just a relatively short answer!