What is even happening right now?! Vent.

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I work in customer service and with COVID that means a lot of things have changed for us and how we do things. One thing that has had a major impact on people are mask rules and restrictions. As staff members we are expected to enforce policy. Most of our customers are great about it. Even if they are annoyed by it they understand and they understand that we are there to enforce the rules. We do not make the rules. Then you have the customers who really behave as if they are 5 year old children. They think we are communists who made the mask rules just to make their life difficult.... yes.... I am a communist who decided that in order to make your life extra miserable today I'd go tell you to wear a mask so that you could scream at me like a petulant child, because that is my whole reason for living...... I am just so incredibly disappointed with these people. I dont care what people believe or think about the mask policy or any other policy for that matter. It should never give a customer leave to treat another human being like garbage. Especially when they are an ADULT! You grew out of your diapers! Act like it!

I work legally in America but I am from a different country. Honestly, it is really difficult not to start stereotyping Americans as bad rotten people who only care about themselves right now. I know not all Americans are bad or mean or rotten but the people I encounter on a daily basis these days, the political strife, and every other thing happening in society these days just make it really really hard to want to stay. What the heck happened?! People used to be SO nice!!! My family and I are slowly working on the process of leaving this country. I hope we manage to get ourselves out of here sooner rather than later. I just can't anymore. This has just been a huge let down. I am so sad and disappointed by people.